May Maintenance Guide

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May is the perfect month to get your home and yard ready for outdoor living and entertaining. May is filled with important events like celebrating Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and graduations. It is very important to know when to DIY and when to hire a professional. You simply may not have the time to get everything done before guests arrive.

You’ll want to take advantage of warmer weather by tending to your garden and setting up an efficient irrigation system. Installing shades or awnings might also be on your weekend to-do list. Here are some great project ideas to get your home ready in May.

Lawn and garden services

If you plan on spending this month out in your yard then you know there are always plenty of tasks to get done! If you don’t want to maintain and store equipment like a mower, edger or leaf blower, consider hiring a lawn maintenance company to take care of the lawn for you. Some companies will do other add-on tasks like pruning, weeding, laying down new mulch or trimming the trees. Outsourcing these tasks may give you extra time in the garden to focus on planting new landscape or tending to a vegetable garden, or to simply enjoy your yard.

Deck maintenance and repair

Your deck requires regular maintenance and inspection to make sure it’s in good and safe condition for use. Check for loose boards, railings or rails, and check for splintering on the wood planks. A thorough cleaning can help remove algae and moss, while a new coat of paint or stain will help protect the wood. If this job is too large, hire a Let Me Fix It Hanyman Service.

Repair wood fences and gates

Cycles of cold and wet weather cause wood to move, twist, and warp. That can make garden gates fall out of alignment, and can cause fence pickets to loosen or fall off. Check for signs of loose fencing, and fix sagging gates.

Wash windows

As your yard takes shape and your gardens come into full bloom, you’ll want to see everything clearly. It's time to wash away winter’s dirt and grime from your windows.

Get your grill in gear

It's time to get all up in your grill's grill.

Nobody wants a rack of ribs with last year's grill gunk on them. Before you fire up the grill, make sure your it is clean and that any gas hoses and connections are secure.

Service the air conditioning unit

Use this month to have your A/C unite serviced. An HVAC technician will know how to properly service, tune, repair or test your equipment to make sure it’s ready to be used full time. You may also need to have the filters changed at this time. This is a great project to get done before your HVAC professional’s schedule becomes too busy.

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