August Monthly Maintenance Guide

August 7, 2019



Here are some tasks you can do this month around your home:

  • Check roof and replace loose/missing/damaged shingles

  • Replace any missing mortar (if your home is made of brick)

  • Seal chimney to prevent small animals from entering

  • Check AC refrigerant levels. If levels are low it could indicate a leak.

  • Repair cracks in your driveway/sidewalk

  • Locate & block any animal-accessible attic vents

  • Clean any mold/mildew growing on siding

  • Check/replace air conditioning filters

  • Check and replace humidifier filters

  • Turn the lead edge of fan blades downwards to push cooled air down

  • Clear out hair/other debris from sink & tub drains

  • Vacuum coils behind refrigerator

  • Continue to mow frequently and high to discourage weeds

  • Keep up with watering (in the morning is best)

  • Inspect your irrigation system for damaged sprinkler heads

  • Repair fences or gates

  • Trim trees in preparation for winter storms










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