Handyman Installs Interior & Exterior Light Fixtures

Light fixture installation/ replacement is an easy DIY project most homeowners can tackle on there own. Watch the video and follow the steps below to change out your light fixtures.

Step 1 Turn off the power. In your electrical circuit panel, locate the circuit breaker control for the room where you’ll be working, and switch the circuit off. Step 2 Remove the old fixture. Remove the cover of the old fixture. Before undoing any wires take a picture for future reference. Remove the old wire connectors, and untwist the fixture wires from the installed wires. Step 4 Connect the wires. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, the black wires connect to each other, and the white wires connect to each other. A grounding wire, which is often green, connects to a grounding screw on the grounding bar. Step 5 Secure the base or canopy. Fold the wires into the electrical box or into a void in the base or canopy. Use the included hardware to attach the fixture base or canopy to the electrical box. Step 6 Install the bulbs. Install the recommended bulbs with the correct wattage for the fixture. Turn on the circuit at your electrical panel first, and then turn on the light switch to the fixture. If the light doesn't come on, turn off the switch and the circuit, and then check your wiring connections. Step 7 Install the trim, cover or finishing touches. Attach the trim and cover to your light fixture. If your fixture is a pendant or hangs by a chain, make necessary adjustments to the length.

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