Water Is A Home's Worst Enemy

Spring is here, which means more rain. More rain means potential water damage. Minimize your chances of water intrusion into your home by making sure water is able to move away from your foundation.

Proper construction needs a solid ground that has the proper slope away from the moe to help stop water from going where it shouldn’t - like your foundation or basement! This is why I don’t like to see plant s right up against the foundation of a home. When we plant, we are disturbing the solid soil against the house, which can hold water and allow it to penetrate the home. This is bad for your home!

If the soil is built up like most gardens are, that mound of dirt will drive water directly to your foundation, and that’s not where we want it to go. Every time you water those plants, you’re directing water right to your exterior - and that could lead to moisture in your basement.

We want to keep the grading at minimum 6 inches away from the house with in 10 feet.

Take a look at the below graphics for a detailed explanation.

If you are not sure if your yards grading, downspouts and gutters are properly moving water away from your home. Call Let Me Fix It Handyman Service at 402-401-4176 for a free consultation.

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