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It certainly isn't the most pleasant weekend project, but it's an important one. While it's certainly easier to procrastinate cleaning out your gutters, there are a number of problems that can arise from not doing so. If the reality is that you're just not going to get out and do it, then it can be a good idea to call in Let Me Fix It Handyman Service to come in and make sure it gets done well.

People don't often stop to think of the issues that can arise from clogged gutters, but there are actually many. If water is not able to properly flow away from your house, then damage can result in a number of different locations, from your roofing to your foundation. There are number of reasons to make sure that your gutters get cleaned out.

Roof Damage

When leaves and other debris clog up your gutters to the point that water is flowing over, you can end up having issues with rot on your roofing. This is one of the main reasons that it's important to keep your gutters clean.

Keep Out Pests

Clogged up gutters can be appealing to a number of critters as a nesting site. From birds to mosquitoes, a bed of damp leaves can be alluring.

Damage to Fascia

The fascia is that board that runs right behind your gutter. Overflowing water can damage this important component of your gutter system.

Cracks in Foundation

If water overflows and pools along your home's foundation, it can end up freezing, which can cause it to expand and generate cracks in your foundation.

Damage to Brackets

Clogged gutters are holding too much weight, which can result in damage to the brackets.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

The short answer is at least twice per year. Ideally, they should have any debris removed after the leaves have fallen from the trees near your home. I prefer Fall and the beginning of Spring.

When To Clean Gutters More Frequently

However, there are instances when you should remove the debris from your gutters more than just two times each year. A good example may be after a severe storm which blew substantial leaves, twigs, and other objects onto your roof. Also, if you have several trees with branches that hang over (and drop leaves onto) your roof, your home may require more frequent gutter cleanings. Finally, if your home is placed in a downhill position from one or more homes or buildings where debris from those homes easily gets blown onto your roof, then debris may accumulate in your gutters at a more rapid rate, which in turn may necessitate additional gutter cleanings.

If you're in need of gutter cleaning services in the Omaha and surrounding areas, be sure to call Let Me Fix It Handyman Service. Call 402-401-4176!

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