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Clean Gutters Matter

It is easy to understand that debris in your gutters and clogged downspouts make the whole system useless. The purpose of gutters is to catch and water away from the home and foundation. But what really happens when the system doesn't work? Water trapped in clogged gutters can cause wood-rot damage to a wooden fascia, and water that spills over and hits the ground can cause landscape and concrete damage, and the splashing water can also eventually damage doorways, garage doors and the bottom portions of siding or decks to rot. Water that splashes over can also end up in your basement and can cause many different problems including rot, foundation damage, and mold.

What to Do and When to Do It

All gutters should be inspected at least once per year. Tree debris is not the only thing that clogs gutters. Roofing debris, granules from roofing tiles, varmints, bird's nests, and toys are known to clog gutters. Most gutters require inspection and cleaning twice a year; in the late spring and late fall. If you are surrounded by trees, you may require cleaning 3 or even 4 times a year. If your gutters are clogged now, don't wait to get them cleaned as rain may be causing damage now.

Solution to Clogged Gutters

Another line of defense to keep gutters clear and fully operational is installing gutter covers. These are

after-market covers that are installed on your existing gutters. Most are installed on top, but there are several inexpensive products that actually lay in the gutter pan itself. Gutter covers can run the spectrum from effective to obstructive, and price range anywhere from a few dollars per foot to well over $20 per foot. Let Me Fix It Handyman Service carries and installs only one type of cover and we've found it to be extremely effective.

What a Gutter Cleaning Should Include

Our cleaning process at Let Me Fix It Handyman Service includes a full gutter inspection and tune-up. We check all connections and fasteners, adjusting them as needed. All debris and clogs are removed and bagged (we'll take it with us), and we flush the system with water or air as needed. There are many companies and individuals who offer gutter cleaning but unless they also inspect and tune-up as well, your gutters may be clean but could still be loose or leaky. Let Me Fix It Handyman Service also offers repair services including caulking leaky connections and installing gutter hangers.

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