December Home Maintenance Guide

Keep up on your home maintenance to ensure a safe, healthy home this December and season.

December is here along with the cold weather. If your home is cold, you’ll want to make sure your winter maintenance tasks are being completed this month. This can include insulating the plumbing so that your pipes don’t freeze, sealing out drafts, and making sure your home is protected from the elements. You will also want to clean out your dryer ducts, be smart about fireplace safety and keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen in the event of a grease fire. If you decorate your home for the holidays, remember to hang your lights safely and be cautious when climbing ladders.

Inside the home:
  • Untangle and inspect holiday lights

  • Inspect and clean humidifiers for better air indoor quality

  • Check attic insulation to make sure your home is operating efficiently this winter.

  • Check the fire extinguishers and make sure you have at least one in the kitchen and near the fireplace

  • Test your GFCI outlets

  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Reverse the ceiling fans to push warm air down, stop drafts at doors and windows, and try laying down rugs over cold flooring to save money on heating costs.

Outside the home:

  • Have de-icers and shovels ready to keep sidewalks and driveway clear of slippery ice and snow

  • Check your gutters for ice dams or icicles

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