November Home Maintenance Guide

Winter is almost here. Here are some task to prepare your home for Winter.

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November is full of falling leaves and changing weather. Snow is on its way and winds will be picking up. This is the right time of year to keep preparing your home for winter. Be sure to purchase snow supplies, test your generator if you have one and clean your gutters. Be sure to keep your home safe this fall by keeping up with your weekend projects and to-dos.

Inside the home
  • Schedule a plumber: The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day for plumbers due to garbage disposal issues, clogged drains, dishwasher problems and toilet troubles.

  • Clean dryer vents and duct system: Thoroughly blowing out the dryer duct system is important to help make your appliance function better as well as reduce the risk of dryer fires. The incidences of this type of fire increases in the winter months so get this task done this month.

  • Test smoke alarms: Thanksgiving turkey dinners and distraction from entertaining guests mean more accidental cooking fires. Add to this the assortment of unattended candles and fires in the fireplace and you have a recipe for danger. Stock up on fire extinguishers and check the batteries in your alarms.

  • Get winter storm ready: November wind storms can easily knock out power. Make sure you have batteries for your flashlights and place them in easy-to-find areas of the home and service your backup generator system. Having extra water and canned goods on hands is a good idea as well.

  • Call and schedule a heating service pro: Make sure your heating unit is in good working order and change the filters every 3 months.

Outside the home

  • Purchase snow removal equipment: This is a great month to stock up on de-icers, salt, shovels and other snow and ice equipment. Be sure you have your snow blower serviced too.

  • Call and schedule a gutter cleaner: Leaves, needles and branches can and will clog your gutters and downspouts. Protect your roof and foundation by having clear gutter drains. Make sure you use common sense when climbing your ladder – hire Let Me Fix It Handyman Service if you can’t do this yourself.

  • Keep lawn clear of leaves: Keep raking the leaves and remove heavy, fallen branches off of the lawn this month as wet leaves can suffocate the grass blades.

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