What Are The Best Gutter Guards For Your Home?

Cleaning out gutters is a miserable, messy, stinky job. Installing gutter guards could put that headache behind you, but how are you supposed to know which type to buy? Gutter guards...gutter screens....gutter helmet...gutter covers...do an internet search for any of these terms and you will get hundreds of different types of gutter guard systems. There are relatively inexpensive do-it-yourself products at stores like Home Depot or Lowe's, and there are very expensive professionally installed systems available. With so many products available it isn't easy to determine which ones are the best. Below you'll find details on some common designs, but first we need to understand what guards are intended to do.


Gutter guards are intended to reduce the chance of home damage caused by clogged gutters, and reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning / maintenance. No guard will eliminate the risk of water damage or eliminate the need to clean / maintain your gutters. There are many different guard designs and all claim to be the best...however some guards do a better job than others of helping homeowners reduce the risk of clogged gutters, and some guards from my experience encourage clogs!


Gutter Screens come in several varieties including roll-out, hinged, and snap-on. You can find them manufactured from plastic or metal. Some simply lay on top of the gutter. Generally, these guards are promoted as easy to install, inexpensive, and openings will allow rainwater to easily flow through while blocking leaves and debris.

One of the major problems with screens is that the ends of the sections aren't sealed-off. This creates gaps where leaves, debris and sticks can get through. It also creates opportunities for squirrels, birds, (and we've seen raccoons and opossums) to wedge under the screen to nest. And once debris is in the gutter, the rest of the screen prevents this debris from simply blowing out. Additionally, leaves, sticks, and stems get caught in the large screen openings, which collects and traps more debris, and the problem escalates. Also, if the screens simply roll out or lay on without secure fasteners, they can blow out of position or completely off the gutter. Another drawback with these systems is that they can be aesthetically unattractive and visible from the ground.

Bottle Brush guards simply lay in the gutter channel. The good part about this product is that it is generally not visible from the ground. That's about the most positive thing about this system. The brushes may help a little with large leaves, but actually trap maple seed 'helicopters' that are so common in this areaduring the spring. Worse yet to clean out the brushes you must remove them and shake them scattering debris. At least when cleaning gutters with no guards at all it is easy to scoop and bag debris. The bristles snag almost all types of debris and then keep it from being washed away with a normal rain.

omaha gutter cleaning | gutter guard install

Foam Gutter Inserts are designed to fill the gutter channel so no debris can get that it seemingly works for about a year, then the material starts to deteriorate in but water can flow through. Homeowners who have used this product find that upon removal what they find is that this product traps fine particulate matter in the gutter. The other big problem is that it can't absorb rainwater fast enough. Even with moderate rainfalls, the water runs directly over the gutter and landscaping / drainage issues are the result.

Omaha gutter cleaning | gutter guard install

Gutter Helmet and similar products are professionally installed systems that are designed to allow rainwater to flow in and debris to fall away. They are permanently attached to the fascia and/or roof and sometimes under the bottom row of shingles. These systems are not completely closed-off; there is a space for water to flow into the gutter.

The biggest problem with these type of guards is that the opening will allow for debris to enter (especially maple seeds) and for small birds to enter and build nests. Since the covers are fixed, permanent systems, there is no way to get into the gutter to clean it out without ripping out the system risking roof and/or gutter damage.

Omaha gutter cleaning | gutter guard install


The following are the main features and benefits we like about Gutter Rx:

  • Completely covers the entire gutter channel --no openings for animals or debris

  • Constructed of aluminum -- will not rust or deteriorate

  • Attaches to the fascia and the front of the gutter -- extremely secure and reinforces gutter strength

  • Perforated like a colander -- allows for water flow but too small and won't trap maple seeds

  • Stair-stepped surface -- reduces coefficient of friction / surface debris can simply blow away

  • Fits flush to the gutter -- not visible from ground

  • 20-year NO CLOG Guarantee from manufacturer -- one of the industries strongest guarantees

Gutter Rx consistently out-performs other gutter cover systems because it is well designed, keeps debris out of the gutter, is aesthetically pleasing, and for the quality extremely cost-efficient.

For more information about Gutter Rx, visit our website.


An issue i see is that homeowners tend to install a gutter cover system and assume that they don't need to worry about gutters again. All gutters, covered or not, need to be checked periodically to make sure that they are operating correctly. Winter snow and ice, falling tree limbs, and industrious animals can cause damage that is often undetected until water damage occurs. Let Me Fix It Handyman Service offers gutter inspection services that include cleaning if needed. We highly recommend Gutter Rx -- it is the best gutter protection product we've worked .

Regardless if you choose to install guards or not, keeping your gutters maintained is critical to avoid water damage that can result from clogged or damaged gutters. Contact us for more information about gutter guards or any of our services!

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