August Maintenance Guide

August Home Maintenance

The days of summer are great for enjoying the garden and getting organized for fall.

August is a great month to enjoy the end of summer. Days are hot, and many people choose August as the perfect month to leave on one last summer vacation before the school year begins. If you enjoy working in the garden, you’ll find that August is a great time of year to harvest fruits and vegetables, trim back foliage and tend the soil. Watering may be occupying much of your time. Inside the home you might find it to be a good time to get organized before the fall. Cleaning out closets, donating unused items, and cleaning under the bed can be a great way to get a handle on clutter. You might also want to make a to do list of all the things around the home you haven’t had time for. Hanging pictures, fixing a faucet, purchasing new water filters for the refrigerator, etc. If you don't have time to complete your list call Let Me Fix It Handyman Service at 402-4014176, to get your task done done before the weather turns and days feel shorter. This is also a great time of year to book your winter-related projects like chimney sweeps, attic insulation specialists, and tree trimmers. Put them on the calendar now, and you’ll start the fall season feeling organized.

Here are some other tasks you can do this month:

  • Check roof and replace loose/missing/damaged shingles

  • Replace any missing mortar (if your home is made of brick)

  • Seal chimney to prevent small animals from entering

  • Check AC refrigerant levels. If levels are low it could indicate a leak.

  • Repair cracks in your driveway/sidewalk

  • Locate & block any animal-accessible attic vents

  • Clean any mold/mildew growing on siding

  • Interior

  • Check/replace air conditioning filters

  • Check and replace humidifier filters

  • Turn the lead edge of fan blades downwards to push cooled air down

  • Clear out hair/other debris from sink & tub drains

  • Vacuum coils behind refrigerator

  • Landscaping

  • Continue to mow frequently and high to discourage weeds

  • Keep up with watering (in the morning is best)

  • Inspect your irrigation system for damaged sprinkler heads

  • Turn the compost pile and add water if necessary

  • Repair fences or gates

  • Trim trees in preparation for winter storms

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