Choosing The Right Caulk.

There are several types of caulk for interior and exterior user. Learn about silicone and latex caulk and how to choose the right caulk for for your specific project.

Why Caulk?

Caulk is used to fill cracks or gaps around windows, doors, plumbing and pipes to prevent water, bugs or air from entering your home.

Caulk Types

Most caulks are composed of latex or silicone. Many companies now make caulks that are combinations of latex and silicone. They are often marketed as "siliconized latex" or "latex plus silicone." These products offer the ease of use of latex with the added durability of silicone.

To help decide which one you need for your project, use our comparison chart.

Specialty Caulks

Beyond the latex-or-silicone, there are several specialty caulks to choose from, each designed for a particular task. While an all-purpose caulk might work sufficiently in many situations, the best results will always come from using a material that is designed for the specific conditions you have.

Refer to the chart to see which type of caulk you need for your project.

Some of the common caulk brands and types I use are: Big Strech, White lighting,

This is a high-performance water-based Elastomeric sealant with powerful adhesion and superior elasticity. It spans gaps up to 2 In. wide and stretches up to 500% of original joint size without cracking. Big Stretch won’t crack…it just stretches.

Main Benifits:

  • Won't crack…it just stretches

  • Super elastic - moves instead of tears

  • Highly durable - performs long-term

  • Paintable with exterior latex paints/stains after 4 hours

  • Paintable with exterior oil-based paints/stains after 1 week

  • Paintable with interior latex paints/stains after 24-48 hours

  • Available in 12 colors plus clear

I prefer to use big stretch when repairing siding or fascia board.  The crack and shrink resistance is a great plus when dealing with material like siding that will expand and contract.

This caulk is available in many colors, however, i recommend that you always paint your caulk when you can to extend the life of it.


Main Benifits: 

  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces

  • Cured caulk is mold and mildew-resistant

  • Paintable in 30 minutes

This is a siliconized latex caulk for interior and exterior use.  Easily paintable  and mold and mildew resistant.  It also comes with a 40+ year warranty.  Can be used on doors, trim and windows.


  • Silicone II 100% Silicone for use in kitchens and baths and around sinks, tubs, tile and countertops

  • The 7 year mold-free product protection helps keep the cured caulk mold and mildew-free and looking clean for 7 years, with regular cleaning

  • 30 minute water ready so the shower can be used in as little as 30 minutes and the caulk won't wash away

  • Caulk features a lifetime guarantee and will not shrink, crack, breakdown, wash away or yellow

  • Permanently waterproof

  • 100% silicone remains flexible and won't dry out

  • Typical uses include around showers, tubs, sinks, tile, countertops, fixtures and other plumbing applications

  • Typical uses include showers, tubs, sinks, tile, counter-tops and fixtures

  • Adheres to most ceramic tile, laminate, porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, granite and woo

GE Silicone II Kitchen and Bath 100% silicone is a 30 minute water-ready caulk with 7 year mold-free product protection .  I prefer to use this product in kitchens and baths as well as around sinks, tubs, tiles shower door and counter-tops. It is guaranteed not to shrink, crack, break down, wash away or yellow.  

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