Is Your TV Ready For Football Season?

It’s time to get your TV ready for football season. If you plan to host a party for any Televised occasion (PPV, MMA, March Madness, Super Bowl), you’ll definitely want to make sure that your TV is ready. I’ve compiled some easy ways to ensure your TV is in the right place and that your TV is all set to go.

Get your TV at the right height
When you’re at the movies, the best theaters situate their seating so that most of the viewers are looking at the middle of the screen, and even slightly down at the screen. Unless you actually enjoy getting a stiff neck, you’ll want to not place your TV too high at home either. Use your eye level (when seated) as a guide: measure the distance from the floor to the average eye height, this should be the approximate height of the middle of your TV screen. You don’t have to be exact, but it’s a good idea to select a TV console that isn’t too high.
TVs above the fireplace
It’s too high to be comfortable (unless you like sitting in the front row of a movie theater), soot from the fireplace can easily damage sensitive screens, and the heat may interfere with the electronics or wiring. In short, don’t do it. Try placing it to the side or adjacent to the fireplace.
How to determine the right size TV

There are several different formulas for figuring out the right size TV for your TV room and this will depend on the number of pixels as well as the type of TV (LED or plasma). But if you’re looking for a quick, easy-to-follow method, here it is: measure your viewing distance from your sofa to the TV console in inches. Divide that number by 3 to get the minimum size TV, divide by 1.5 to get the maximum size. For example, if you have 8 feet viewing distance (or 96”), consider a 32” to 64” TV.

Looking for a new TV?
Start your search by looking for the EnergyStar label. According to EnergyStar, if every TV, DVD player and home theater system had an EnergyStar rating, 2.2 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions could be prevented each year (the equivalent of more than 200,000 cars)! LED TVs use ½ to ¼ of the power of a comparably sized plasma.
Need Someone to Install Your Tv?

Installing your television yourself can be time consuming, requiring tools and equipment you may not have, and lead to damaged walls. Have your television professionally and securely installed by Let Me Fix It Handyman Service.

Flat screen televisions, while slim, can weigh anywhere from a few pounds to an 30+ depending on size and type. If you’re intent is to install your television on a wall then it’s important your expensive television is secure and that the structure being mounted to can support the weight.

At Let Me Fix It Handyman Service, mounting flat screen televisions on a wall is one of our specialties We ensure your flat screens are mounted securely and correctly. Take a look at our TV installation page for more information HERE.

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