10 Things Homeowners Neglect Every Winter

There are some things you do around the house regularly to help with upkeep and safety—check smoke alarms, wash the windows and repair the chipped tile in the bathroom. But what are you forgetting? Here are 10 things homeowners neglect every winter that they may regret come spring.

Check for Ice Dams

If your home lacks good insulation and venting, there's a good chance it may be prone to ice dams. Get outside regularly during the winter and check around the house for signs of icicles and large chunks of ice near the edge of your roof. Water melting off the roof pools behind the ice and then seeps back up under the shingles. And sometimes water can work its way 5 or even 10 ft. back up under the shingles. Eventually it drips through the roof into the soffits (the outside overhangs), walls, and worst of all, onto your ceilings.

Change the Furnace Filter

Change furnace filters once a month
Furnace Filter

Homeowners should change their furnace filters once a month, according to experts. And changing the filter regularly not only helps extend the life of your furnace, it helps with air quality in your home and keeps energy costs down.

Test the Sump Pump

Not all homes have a sump pump. In the spring when the snow melts and the rain saturates the ground, your home's sump pump may be put to the test to keep water at bay. So test it during the winter to ensure you're ready for spring's big thaw. The easiest way is to use a 5 gallon bucket full of water and dump it into the the sump pit. The water level will rise triggering the pump if working properly.

Seal Driveway Cracks

If your driveway has cracks that aren't re-sealed before the snow comes, the cold can cause water to freeze and expand in the cracks. And this will leave you with even more damage come spring.

Clean the Gutters

Clean gutters in fall and spring to ensure proper operation of a homes gutters and downspouts
Omaha Gutter Cleaning Service

There's a reason gutter cleaning and maintenance comes up in just about every homeowners maintenance checklist. A debris-clogged gutter with added snow and ice can cause damage to your home, including problems with roof leaks and even foundation problems. And if you cleaned out your gutters in the fall and more leaves got trapped there, you'll need to clean out the gutters again.

Remove Hoses from outdoor Faucets

It may not seem like a big deal in the fall, but neglecting to unhook garden hoses from outdoor faucets over the winter can result in cracked water pipes, even you you do have a anti-freeze hose bib. When you use the hose, water is still trapped inside. So be sure to detach the hose, drain the water and close the faucet's shut-off valve.

Check Insulation

Proper insulation will keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer and cut down on energy costs. It's also a place mice and bats like to call home. And when the weather turns cold, do a check of your insulation—especially in your attic—to ensure there are no unwanted guests.

Clear Snow Away from Vents

During the winter months, regularly check your outdoor vents, such as your furnace and dryer vents, to make sure they are clear of snow and ice. Blocked vents can cause carbon monoxide to build up.

Fix Air Leaks from Windows and Doors

Neglecting to remedy any air leaks from windows and doors can lead to energy loss and condensation, which can lead to mold. Make sure all windows and doors have proper weather stripping before the cold and snow arrives.

Trim Branches

Heavy snow, ice and strong winds can wreak havoc on tree branches. So be sure to remove dead or damaged trees and limbs to protect your home over the harsh winter months.

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