Omaha Dog Waste Removal


I provide weekly, bi-weekly, twice weekly, one time and special cleanings. We find, pick up, bag, remove & properly dispose of dog waste off your property. Not only is it Omaha city ordinance to have your pet waste removed but I will save you time on a chore nobody wants to do!  It also helps to prevent diseases associated not only with dogs but humans as well.


Remember, on average a dog will poop 21 times a week. If you take the number of weeks you have not cleaned your yard multiplied by 21, that gives you how many piles of dog poop are waiting for you and your family in your yard.


A quick example, after 4 weeks of not picking up, that equals 84 piles of dog poop to be picked up!


Key Benefits


 *No more nasty smells from your lawn


 *Enjoy a clean yard


 *No more having a second job waiting for you when you get home

      from work


    *Reduce the chances of your dog tracking dog poop into your house


 *Reduces the chances of diseases for you and your pet


 *You will have fast, reliable and professional service

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Omaha Dog Waste Removal Prices

*  If your yard has not been clean in a while a one time excessive waste fee will be applied.  Most yards with 1 dog runs around $30-$40. 2-3 dogs runs around $50-$60.


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