Lawn Care Services starting at $25

Omaha Lawn Care Service


At Let Me Fix It Handyman Service our Lawn Care Services start at $25. Most of are lawns are $30-$35.  Corner lots are usually between $35-$40.


We are offering a No Contract, weekly schedule.  You will receive approximately 30 visits.  Exceptions are when weather conditions do not cooperate.  Depending on rainfall I will either mow through the rain or you will be rescheduled for the following clear day.  If the weather stays warm late into the season we will continue to mow until the turf is done growing.


Every visit includes Mowing, Trimming and Blowing off all walkways, along with removal of all small limbs and trash from the yard.


You do not have to be home when we work.  We can leave an invoice every other visit for you to send or leave payment.  You can mail or leave payment in a pre-disclosed place if you like.  I can also email you an invoice to mail payment or provide a link for you to pay by credit card.  Please note that a 3% service fee will be applied if paying with credit.


If you have a locked gate, we can get a copy of the key and add it to our ring of keys. We always lock up the gates after each visit and leave the yard in a safe and freshly manicured condition.


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If you are looking for a lawn care specialist in Omaha or the surrounding areas, call 402-401-4176 or submit a free quote request.