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Omaha Garage Door Opener Installation 

If you are looking to replace your garage door opener with a new one, you have come to the right place. Let Me Fix It Handyman Service provides professional garage door opener installation service. 

3 main garage door opener drives:
  • Chain Driven Openers: Chain drive garage door openers are the most common and are very reliable. The motor pulls the door along a metal track with the help of a chain. Chain drive openers are louder than belt driven openers and are slightly cheaper. If you do not have a room located above your garage, this garage door opener is the most common.

  • Belt Driven Openers: Belt drive garage door openers are considered to be the best. Belt drives are super silent and provide a perfect solution for noise reduction for garages located under a bedroom. Belt drives are also very reliable, they cost more than chain and screw drive openers and are worth every penny. If you are looking for a silent and reliable garage opener, these are your best choice.

  • Screw Driven Openers: Screw drive openers are the least common garage door openers. These openers use a lifting device that runs on a threaded steel rod to lift the door and are not recommended for areas where there is a drastic shift in temperature. Screw drives the loudest and slowest, but are also the least expensive.

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Omaha Garage Door Opener repairs done right!

If you require garage door opener repair service, I provide that as well.  If your garage door opener starts acting up, there might be a minor issue at first. This is why whenever you notice a problem, give us a call before a minor problem turns into a major one.

The most common repair is the sensor alignment, usually you can fix it yourself in a few easy steps.


The first step is to make sure that both the lights on the sensors are on. Usually one is green and the other orange, sometimes they can both be green. If one of the lights is not one, try aligning the sensors until they point each other. Another thing to do is clean the sensors eye with a dry cloth. Also make sure that there is nothing in the way of the tracks. If these steps do not solve your issue, give us a call at 402-401-4176.

If you hear a humming sound and the opener is not doing anything, most likely the gear inside the opener has broken, in this case you should call immediately.

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