Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Don't assume that you need heating and cooling ducts cleaned unless you actually have excessive dust and debris or mold in them. Unless you have a problem, cleaning the ducts sis not likely to improve air quality. Is duct cleaning necessary? You may wonder if you should have your heating and cooling ducts cleaned so they can improve your home's indoor air quality. But did you your know there hasn't been any hard evidence to show that duct cleaning improves indoor air quality or prevents health problems, so routinely cleaning your ducts is not recommend it. Exceptions would be if you find mold growth inside the ducts (first eliminate the moisture that caused the mold), the ducts have become h

Painting Shortcuts That Do More Harm and Slow You Down

All painting projects, interior or exterior, require prep and attention to detail. Taking shortcuts will lead to a low quality paint job that won't last very long. Here's what you should not do on your next painting project. Trying to Cover in One Coat It's a bad idea to put on a thick layer of paint to try to save time. One coat rarely covers well, and a thick coat of paint will run and take forever to dry. Applying two thin, even coats is easier and will give you much better results. Not Powerwashing Siding Before Painting No matter how many layers of paint you remove, sand, patch and caulk and use the best primer and paint. The paint will fail if you skip power washing your siding first.

January Maintenance Guide

Keep your home healthy and happy this month with these maintenance tips. January is a great month to clean and organize your home. January can also bring freezing temperatures, snow and ice. Stay on top of snow removal so that your walkways stay safe and in good condition. Here are some other great tips to keep your home maintained this January. Inside the home Change batteries in smoke alarms Clean & organize refrigerator Clean out closets & donate unused items Need a new tv for the Super Bowl? Call Let Me Fix It Handyman Service 402-401-4176 Clean range hood & filters De-clutter home office and rooms Check sump pump for proper operation Outside the home Examine & de-ice gutters Check exter

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